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December 14, 2016 - Well site geography is a fundamental perspective in the investigation for oil and gas, Fossil Energy Services. Can help you at all times!

Well site topography applies the basics of geography to the penetrating project of an oil and gas well. A well site geologist on area while boring an oil and gas well takes into consideration a prepared geologist to have an eye on the disclosure of hydrocarbons. The extent of Fossil Energy Services well site geography administrations incorporate however are not restricted to:

·         Bore cuttings/test cleaning, distinguishing proof, and logging

·         Advanced gas recognition with remote get to

·         Geosteering

·         Electric log as well as coring supervision and assessment

·         Every day reporting

·         Exhaustive last well assessment


Geosteering helps in deciding the geologic structure of the development. This data is critical while boring level oil and gas wells to stay in the sought target zone.

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Geosteering is the relationship of ongoing MWD gamma beam information to balance sign with a specific end goal to ascertain development bed plunge. Different parts of geosteering incorporate stratigraphy of target interim, infiltration rates, gas patterns, and isopach thickness for an impeccable arriving inside the wanted target zone. Through numerical figuring, specific programming, and experience, Fossil Energy Services can help your organization amplify creation while minimizing costs. Fossil Energy Services utilizes an assortment of programming to play out its geosteering administrations, which incorporate a conventional technique for geosteering created in-house, Terracosm Software's Well Direct, and Stoner Engineering Software (SES). For more data on the product, don't hesitate to take after the connections to Well Direct and SES at the base of the page.

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